Invitation and Trial Software

Fellow Perfusionists:
   I may have talked to you briefly about perfusion documentation in the past.  For your benefit, I want to make available for you PDS Perfusion Pro as a trial license version.  An extended licensed version is available at a very reasonable cost and can be used on most computers.  A medical grade touch screen version is available that mounts to the heart lung machine.  The Surface Pro works great too and is an excellent choice if money is a factor.

   Perfusion Pro electronic charting is a great way to document perfusion events and has the availability to hook up to most equipment for live data capture.  It is a great way to perform computer charting. The patient can leave the OR with a printed record on the chart…every time.  A bar code reader can also be used for equipment and disposable lot numbers.  The program also contains an autotransfusion module.

   Below you will see instructions on how to download and install the trial version.  It takes several steps, so follow the directions closely. The program itself should be self-explanatory.  You can be electronic charting in minutes!!!!

Stephen Peterson, President/CEO
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Version 2.0 Trial software setup instructions:
If you already have Perfusion Pro 2.0, this will run it.  If not, it will install it. 
Having Trouble?
The following prerequisites are required: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 (x86 and x64) running on Microsoft Windows 7, 9, or 10.
You may need to install them if your computer does not keep up with all new version of Microsoft .NET Framework.
Still having trouble?  The program starts, but crashes when you click any button?
The following is a stand alone installer for the database component.  On some systems, including the database component files does not work. Run this installer and it should fix it.
Only if you have a really old computer...


For testing new features only.

Legacy version

Perfusion Pro 2.0 - 2019