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Time to go Electronic!

Affordably document your perfusion cases

Perfusion Pro has a simple touch screen interface that allows the perfusionist to log most actions with a simple touch!

  • Main Screen
  • Runs on standard Windows 10 computers
    • Custom monitor or connection equipment not required
    • Can be used on a laptop, touchscreen all in one, or touchscreen monitor with micro desktop (a less than $1000 standard computer)
  • Generous 6 Month trial version available
  • Detailed instructions – Instructions for PDS Perfusion Pro
  • Big touch screen buttons
  • Beautiful reports in PDF
    • Printable and can be stored in any EMR
  • Connects to any RS232 (Serial) connection available from existing equipment through standard USB dongle
    • Collect data from equipment you already use
  • Affordable! Licensed for $5000 per year.
  • Does not need any Internet or network connection during case
  • Collects data for case even if license expired
  • Updates automatically over the Internet as new versions released
  • Download and install in minutes – can be used immediately
  • Can be used to document ECMO