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Perfusion Pro

PDS Perfusion Pro is a solution that will enable perfusionists to better focus on their operational responsibilities rather than manually collecting data during surgery. Automatic procedure data collection allows keeping the focus on the patient, not paper. The unique variety of customizable and automated reports will help minimize the workload and further support the yearly recertification required of perfusionists. Ultimately, this complete solution will simplify the transition into the paperless future.

Key Features and Benefits of PDS Perfusion Pro:

  • Connects to many pumps and monitors (not pump specific)
  • Easy to Learn and Install with Minimal Training
  • Runs on general Microsoft Windows based computers
  • Creates detailed automated reports
  • Collects pre, during, and post procedure data
  • Enhances patient care
  • Enables paperless charting
  • Reduces workload via automatic reports
  • Improves the accuracy of data collected during procedures
  • Designed by a perfusionist with over 40 years of experience
  • In use for over 10 years
  • Available at a lower cost that other EMS perfusion systems
  • Constantly being improved
  • Custom functionality can be added
  • Uses SQL database storage of all data
  • Created and developed in the United States by a US based workforce

Pre-Operative Medical History: The patient chart information includes past medical history, current medical status, demographics, and hospital tracking information such as medical record number, account number and insurance information. Personnel involved in the procedure, operative fitness classifications and auto generated surface area and flow rate calculations can be easily recorded.

Operative Information: General procedural information is manually recorded during the procedure. Much of the information is customizable for specific needs with defaults set for most fields. Valve descriptive information along with drug types and units can be added. Additional information like cardioplegia, prime components, and drug and fluid volumes are also collected and totaled during the procedure.

Bypass Events Screen: The Bypass Events Screen is the heart of the Perfusion Pro product. This screen automatically obtains data with time stamps as they occur. Data collection connectivity is integrated for common pumps and monitors. The data can berapidly or gradually collected at the perfusionist’s request. The perfusionist receives blood flow rates, line pressures, temperatures and gas flows effortlessly. In addition to automatically receiving data, the perfusionist can also enter events such as lab results, drugs given, and cardioplegia information. Drug and volume totals are added and sent to an In and Out volume section on the perfusion record. The perfusionist can enter any additional operative information that does not follow the usual flow of events during the procedure, such as Circarrest time and defibrillation.

Post-Operative Documentation: Perfusionists have the ability to enter post-operative lab information after the completion of the procedure.

Reports, Trends and Graphical Design: The reporting feature is customizable, allowing the perfusionist to choose from several reports. Flexible filters allow reporting by date, surgeon, perfusionist, age, pump time, clamp time, by-pass time, circarrest time, etc. These reports can be used in a trending format to show where quality improvements can be made. Many additional reports are included such as the American Board Report which is used to demonstrate the number of cases each perfusionist performed during the year. This report is important for yearly recertification. The blood usage report states how many blood products were used. Hospital or group logo, name and address can easily customize reports and margins can be set to allow the patient chart to be easily read when hole-punched.