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Release 2019043001

1.  Case Details Updates to prevent losing data from case details 2. STS Report Update to 4 columns. Review to STS Sequence Number 3300 and

Release 2019042401

1. Database connection Updated database library to use older default settings with no optimization (not using Connection Pooling). 2. Update Process Integrated checking for new

Release 2019042201

1. Database connection Updated database library to try to prevent lockup when accessing labs

Release 2019041701

1. Basic 2 Report – CircArrest times Updating handling of times for report.  Made all times to nearest minute. 2. Configuration – Labs Added default

Release 2019041501

1. Basic 2 Report Updated to only show times if they are not blank. 2. Event Entry – Patient Labs Reviewed all code and increased

Release 2019041801

1. Config – Labs Updated to not allow changing names of default labs 2. Event Log – Labs Updated to help prevent lockup by adding