Date Type Version Notes
10/02/2020 Test 2020100201 More fixes to patient loading and lab result handling
9/29/2020 Test 2020092901 Fix previous case loading time and patient lab result handling
8/7/2020 Production Test 2020080701 Some fixes
7/8/2020 Production Test 2020070801 Some fixes
7/3/2020 Production 2020070301 Second Production release of 2020 
6/30/2020 Test 2020063001TEST Add pop up keypad for entering live line numbers 
6/29/2020 Test 2020062901TEST Multiple fixes 
6/26/2020 Test 2020062601TEST Add background colors for data range indication to lab results 
6/25/2020 Test 2020162501TEST Multiple fixes 
6/17/2020 Production 2020061701

Renamed to Perfusion Pro 2020.

Requires a new install from

6/17/2020 Test 2020061701TEST Minor fix 
6/12/2020 Test 2020061201TEST Fix configuration import / export process to work with Checklists
5/5/2020 Test 2020050501TEST Event log line chart updates 
4/17/2020 Test 2020041701TEST Disabled server and speech integration.  Production candidate. 
3/26/2020 Test 2020032601TEST Update Live Line to use border colors for data collection and background colors for data range indication 
2/26/2020 Test 2020022601TEST Security Updates 
2/25/2020 Test 2020022501TEST Added ranges for live line configuration 
2/5/2020 Test 2020020501TEST Reporting updates 
1/7/2020 Test 2020010701TEST Updated Speech Recognition
12/22/2019 Test 2019122001TEST Added Speech Recognition 
10/31/2019 Test 2019103101TEST Added driver for Sarns 8000
9/20/2019 Test 2019092001TEST

Added driver for new Century Pump and CDI 550

Added user login process to central server

5/23/2019 Test 2019052301TEST  Added analytics reporting so errors are centrally reported
4/30/2019 Production 2019043001  Final Production release for 2019
4/24/2019 Production 2019042401  
4/22/2019 Production 2019042201  
4/18/2019 Production 2019041801  
4/17/2019 Production 2019041701  
4/15/2019 Production 2019041501  
3/12/2019 Production 2019031201  
3/4/2019 Test 2019030401TEST  First release of Test version of PDS Perfusion Pro
2/11/2019 Production 2019021101  First version with release notes on web site