Perfusion Pro Electronic Perfusion Record Software

As perfusionists we often find ourselves in a high stress surgery environment, but it remains crucial to obtain quality perfusion documentation.   That information must be processed with implicit accuracy.  There is an integral need for a program that provides quality data acquisition and does not distract the perfusionist operating the pump while, more importantly, ensuring patient safety.  PDS Medical Solutions has worked tirelessly to guarantee a program that does just that. 

PDS Medical Solutions develops electronic data collection systems for medical and administrative staff who are concerned about obtaining accurate and accessible records of major medical procedures. Our electronic data collection systems provide an automated, real-time record of events which increases the time available for patient care and improves data quality.

Our initial product was Perfusion Pro 1.75 for perfusionists to utilize during open heart procedures.  Perfusion Pro has been used and improved by a professional perfusionist for over 10 years.

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The most recent release of Perfusion Pro 2.0 is available for free trial usage. Just select the download button below!

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