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Release 2021050501

Data Device Integration Fix: CDI550 data collection of HCT Update: Use raw data from CDI550 instead of converting to numbers first. Only report “Q” if

Release 2021031902 TEST

Event Logging Fix: Try to prevent error when loading charts that occurred some times Update: Allow buttons on General Event to show in wider grid

Release 2020100201 TEST

1. Loading a previous case Fix some issues with loading previous case and add more optimizations 3. Patient Lab Results Updates to patient lab results

Release 2020092901 TEST

1. Report Calculation Data Fix issue when times that matched were being skipped and not reported. Update decimal places to match what shows on live line

Release 2020080701

1. Report Line Charts Fix issue with data to create line charts on report and grid of calculation data

Release 2020070801

1. Patient Labs Fix range issues 2. Data collection Fix error when using testing port.

Release 2020070301

1. Program Updates to help prevent some fatal exceptions. 2. Live Line Allow entering negative numbers using either “-” key and still be able to

Release 2020061701

1. Error reporting The error reporting sends error information to a central server instead of just logging locally. 2. Performance Reporting The ability to log