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Release 2021031902 TEST

Event Logging Fix: Try to prevent error when loading charts that occurred some times Update: Allow buttons on General Event to show in wider grid

Release 2020100201 TEST

1. Loading a previous case Fix some issues with loading previous case and add more optimizations 3. Patient Lab Results Updates to patient lab results

Release 2020092901 TEST

1. Report Calculation Data Fix issue when times that matched were being skipped and not reported. Update decimal places to match what shows on live line

Release 2020061701 TEST

1. Event Screen Fix a issue with Fluids / Drugs button getting disabled This is a test release and will be the next production release.

Release 2020061201 TEST

1. Application Change update process to retry if it fails Update some core code to make application faster. Update analytics integration to report errors to a

Release 2020050501 TEST

1. Line Charts Event log line charts default to showing 2 hours. When case starts, lines will start from the left. Fixed times to show local

Release 2020032601 TEST

1. Program Updated install URL 2. Event Log Screen Line Charts Fixes for when there were not good numbers Update for proper display of calculation line

Release 2020022601 TEST

1. Security Updates Sign all assemblies so they cannot be altered Change update link to use SSL This is a test only release.