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Release 2020061201 TEST

1. Application

Change update process to retry if it fails

Update some core code to make application faster.

Update analytics integration to report errors to a central server.

Fix temporary folder access for import /export

2. Live Line

Update live line range checks to see if in correct range first.

Update live line box resizing to keep increased size up to 100 width.

Added VAVD.  Can be enabled in config.

Added CVP.  Can be enabled in config.

Fix data stating to be collectd when live line is automatically blanked out.

3. Event Screen

Fix a calculation error when there are no values to be able to use to calculate

4. Configuration

Updated live line configuration to show range values

Updated import / export process to work with Check List

5. Line Charts

Added zooming of line chart when double click to fill whole area where line chart is displayed.

6. Reports

Updated Check List on report to break out by section.

This is a test release and also a candidate for a new production release.