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Release 2019103101 TEST

1.  Data device connection

Updated cable colors to match ones that come with Avery 6724 labels (Yellow, Orange, Green)

2. New Century pump device

Updated integration based on testing with pump

3. Sarns 8000 Device

Added Sarns 8000 device.

Tested with live device.

4. CDI 500

Updated names of data collected to match data header names

Added SaO2 collection and integration with DO2 calculation

Added testing ability using data file with test data

Updated CDI 500 Lab to match all data collected

5. Lab Results

Added “Mixed” as a source for lab results (instead of just Arterial and Venous) so that CDI500 results can be included as 1 lab.

6. Califia Simulator Device

Added Califia Simulator device

7. DO2 calculation

Added code to prefer using Hb over HCT if it’s available

8. Basic 2 Report

Updated font sizes and spacing so tables don’t take up as much room

9. Report Generation

Fixed error in report generation concering a font.