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Release 2021050501

  1. Data Device Integration
    1. Fix: CDI550 data collection of HCT
    2. Update: Use raw data from CDI550 instead of converting to numbers first. Only report “Q” if it’s a number that is greater than zero.
  2. Event Logging
    1. Update: Review and optimize handling of patient lab results
    2. Fix: Try to prevent error when loading charts that occurred some times
    3. Update: Allow buttons on General Event to show in wider grid
    4. Update: Use green background for data being collected from devices instead of just using a green outline
    5. Update: Sort line charts based on live line sort order
  3. Database management
    1. Feature: Added a process to remove blank cases (any case without a Case Id, First Name, and Last Name)
    2. Feature: Added a process to remove test cases (any case with “test” as the Case Id, First Name, or Last Name)
    3. Feature: Added a process to de-identify all cases in a database (uses random text for names, sets dates to January 2 of the year)
  4. Reports
    1. Fix: Some entries were being skipped on Basic 2 report grids
    2. Update: Show same decimal places for live line on Basic 2 report that appears on live line in event log
    3. Update: Add line charts to Basic 2 report
    4. Update: Show only times on reports instead of time and date
    5. Update: Minor changes to American Board report
    6. Update: Use device priority for line chart data instead of data from all devices
    7. Update: Add all live line charts to Basic 2 report
    8. Update: Add display of seconds to Basic 2 report for detailed calculation data
    9. Update: Save information about what report elements should not be hidden so it does not have to be unchecked every time a report is run
    10. Update: Add configured line chart good ranges to Basic 2 report
  5. Application
    1. Update: Update to latest version of reference libraries
    2. Fix: Parsing of dates when format using non US formats for dates
    3. Update: Speed up loading data from a previous case