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Release 2019021101

1. Patient – Blood Type

Added tracking of patient blood type

2. Supply List

Fixed storage of “Notes” field associated with supplies

3. SVR Calculation

Updated SVR calculation to work when PAD is zero.

4. Fluid Mixture

Updated fluid mixtures so that information about components can be edited

5. Fluids

Adding showing from and to when each fluid is entered

6. Report Footer

Added some space above report footer to help prevent data from being showin in footer area

7. Logging Calculations

Updated calculation log button so that it cannot be accessed by the keyboard to help prevent accidentally pressing the button with the enter key.

8. Coronary Perfusion (Cardioplegia)

The Clamp on button now starts the Ischemic timer instead of the Cardioplegia timer.  The Cardiopegia and Ischemic timers no longer add events to the event log.

9. Circ Arrest and Cerebral Perfusion

Added a button for Cerebral Perfusion.  Made Circ Arrest and Cerebral Perfusion timer buttons work together.