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Release 2019030401 Test

This is a test only release!  It is available for download from:


Current installs will not be updated by this release.

1. Database – Database library

The database library (SQLite) was updated to the latest version.  After testing many different database connection configurations, a new connection configuration was created that increases speed and keeps the current level of stability.

2. Event Entry – Timer buttons

Updates were made to prevent lock ups due to duplicate timer records.  Steps were taken to prevent duplicate timer records and to handle them if they do occur.  Database interaction for timer updates was made faster.

3. Event Entry – Event forms

Most buttons on the entry forms are now disabled when entering new data.  The process of entering new data has been moved to the background for many forms.

4. Event Entry – Checklist

Reviewed all code and increased speed and responsiveness.

Fixed sorting so that it uses the configuration.

5. Event Entry – Fluids

Increased responsiveness.

Fixed using configuration for mixture entries.

6. Main – Navigation

Updated navigation to disable buttons and run code in background to increase responsiveness.

7. Event Entry – Data Device

Increased responsiveness.

8. Event Entry – General

Reviewed all code and increased speed and responsiveness.

9. Event Entry – Clamp Timer

Added “Clamp On” as note for Coronary Perfusion Log.

10. User Interface

Increased size of all buttons by 25%.

11. Event Entry – Case – Procedures

Fixed incorrect dependency of Aortic Occlusion and Cross Clamp time.

12. Event Entry – Supplies

Increased responsiveness.

13. Configuration – Live Line

Added display order setting.

14. Event Entry – Live Line

Updated to order live line based on configuration.

Updated event log to display based on configuration.

15. Event Entry – Live Line – Cerebral Ox Right

Fixed mapping so it saves correctly (was overwriting ISO Gas Flow)

16. Event Entry

Removed Timer Start / Stop Button.  Moved time to Log Now button.  Moved configuration under Log Now button.

Removed Report button.

Moved Dose Log button to right navigation and renamed to Coronary Perfusion Log.

Updated Pump Timer label to be “CPB”

17. Event Entry – Timer buttons stop

Added code to set STS times when timer buttons are stopped for CPB Time, Clamp Time, Circarrest time, Cerebral Perfusion time.

18. Reports – Basic 2

Added Cirarrest times to report and made them come from the STS values.

19.  Event Entry – Cardioplegia

Updated CPB Type to allow using values from configuration.