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Release 2020061701

1. Error reporting

The error reporting sends error information to a central server instead of just logging locally.

2. Performance Reporting

The ability to log computer performance information to a central server was added.

3. Event logging

The ability to log application events to a central server was added.

4.  Sorin S5 integration update

Sorin S5 update to use 2:1:1 as Pressure2 and display in ART Pressure on liveline

Populated Cardioplegia temperature with value from temperature connector 3

5. CDI 500 integration updates

Fix display of value for B.E. in CDI500 data display

Update DO2 when HBG or PaO2 is updated by CDI500 or CDI550

Updated CDI 500 minimum collection time to 5 seconds.

6. Fix issue with Cardiac Index

Update Cardiac Index calculation when Surface area changes.

7. Update to how Procedure is saved

Updated to save procedure when leaving form if current selection not added to list

8. New Century pump device added

Added a new device using specifications of new Century pump

9. CDI 550 device added

Added a new device using specifications of new Century pump

10. Updated data device collection

Changed wait time between data device collection events from 5 seconds to 1 second

11. Server integration

Reviewed and updated registration process to make faster and more robust

Updated new user login process

Updated application performance collection integration

12. External libraries

Updated external libraries to latest versions

13. Alerts

Added a method to show alerts that are not associated with an upgrade

Added general pop up functionality

Updated general error logging files

14.  Data device connection

Updated cable colors to match ones that come with Avery 6724 labels (Yellow, Orange, Green)

15. New Century pump device

Updated integration based on testing with pump

16. Sarns 8000 Device

Added Sarns 8000 device.

Tested with live device.

17. CDI 500

Updated names of data collected to match data header names

Added SaO2 collection and integration with DO2 calculation

Added testing ability using data file with test data

Updated CDI 500 Lab to match all data collected

18. Lab Results

Added “Mixed” as a source for lab results (instead of just Arterial and Venous) so that CDI500 results can be included as 1 lab.

19. Califia Simulator Device

Added Califia Simulator device

20. DO2 calculation

Added code to prefer using Hb over HCT if it’s available

21. Basic 2 Report

Updated font sizes and spacing so tables don’t take up as much room

22. Report Generation

Fixed error in report generation concering a font. 

23.  Live Line

Limit pressures to showing whole numbers from Data device collection (raw data from device is also stored)

Limit temperature to showing one decimal place from Data device collection

24. Speech Recognition

Buttons with underlines in their names can be pressed by saying the underlined word

Live line can be navigated by saying “goto” followed by the label of the live line (like “goto art”)

Numbers can be entered into the live line by saying the number.  Numbers up to 1000 can be said.  For decimal numbers say “4 point 5”.  For pressure you can say “120 over 80”.

25. Basic 2 Report

Added table that shows calculations added to event log

Added table that shows all calculation details (shows at end of repor)

Added charts for each calculation

26. Report review

Updated progress bar to have text indicating what’s going on

Updated display to include section headers

Updated display to show column headers

Moved STS Sequence number to be part of name

Added abiity to hide some items on report

Added default of hidden for calcuations and calculation charts

27. Previous case selection

Fixed a bug that was causing previos case selection to cause an error when more than one case has the same case date and time.

28. Basic 2 Report Review

Updated review to include line chart images

Fixed issue where PaO2 stayed the same on reports of previous cases.

29. Registration Process

Reviewed and updated both client and server portion of registration process

30. Live Line Configuration

Added option to clear the live line value when the pump is turned off.

Added option to include line chart on event log process.

Add ability to specify high and low values.  Only use the “warn” levels so far and use them on the chart.

31. Event Log

Display line charts for configured live line items.

Use high and low warning levels as “green” range on chart.

32. Speech Recognition

Require saying “PDS Listen”, “PDS Start”, or “PDS Begin” to enable speech recognition.

Allow saying “PDS stop” or “PDS end” to disable speech recognition.

33. Security Updates

Sign all assemblies so they cannot be altered

Change update link to use SSL

34. Program

Updated install URL

35. Event Log Screen Line Charts

Fixes for when there were not good numbers

Update for proper display of calculation line charts

Fixes for error in displaying line chart

36. CDI 500 integration

Update for SaO2 use in calculations from CDO 500

37. Speech integration

Fix for when there is not a microphone on the computer

38. Live Line

Border colors are now used to indicate when automatically collecting data.  Yellow border means collecting.  Red border means collecting failed in some way.

Background colors are now used when numbers are into the warning (yellow) or critical (red) ranges.

Pink is still used to indicate that the manual data is old and will be blanked out soon.

39. Program

Updated install and update URL for production release.  Update process will not work for production.  Users will need to remove then install PDS Perfusion Pro 2.0.

40. Configuration – Live Line

Added “Remind Time” configuration

Show good range between high warn and low warn

41. Server integration

Disabled remote server log on

42. Speech integration

Disabled speech recognition

43. Live Line

Add Gas Flow SEV live line item

Flash live line item orange when Remind Time runs out.

44. Line Charts

Event log line charts default to showing 2 hours.

When case starts, lines will start from the left.

Fixed times to show local time instead of UTC.

Fixed times to show miitarty time.

45. Live Line

Configuring an item to have Manual Config will prevent a data device from filling it in.

46. Application

Change update process to retry if it fails

Update some core code to make application faster.

Update analytics integration to report errors to a central server.

Fix temporary folder access for import /export

47. Live Line

Update live line range checks to see if in correct range first.

Update live line box resizing to keep increased size up to 100 width.

Added VAVD.  Can be enabled in config.

Added CVP.  Can be enabled in config.

Fix data stating to be collectd when live line is automatically blanked out.

48. Event Screen

Fix a calculation error when there are no values to be able to use to calculate

49. Configuration

Updated live line configuration to show range values

Updated import / export process to work with Check List

50. Line Charts

Added zooming of line chart when double click to fill whole area where line chart is displayed.

51. Reports

Updated Check List on report to break out by section.

52. Event Screen

Fix a issue with Fluids / Drugs button getting disabled