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Release 2020070301

1. Program

Updates to help prevent some fatal exceptions.

2. Live Line

Allow entering negative numbers using either “-” key and still be able to use “-” key to decrement current number.

VAVD – Integrate with S5 if Pressure2 from S5 is negative

ART – Integrate wiht S5 if Pressure2 from S5 is positive

3. Lab Results

Fix issue where Lab result updates were not updating the event log text

4. Drugs / Fluids

Fix sorting of drugs / fluids and add header for mixes in drop down list if there are mixes.

5. Update Process

Set to only check for update once per minute and stop after 10 failures.  Remove “Update” button from message if the update process failed.

6. Live Line

Add VAVD to group of live line items related to S5.

Show green border when starting case to indicate that data will be collected.

Make max width of each live line element smaller to prevent line getting too long.

Move Log Now button so that a longer live line can be used.

Add pop up keypad when selecting live line items on a touch screen.

7. Lab Results

Add warning and critical levels to config.

Update background color based on configured levels like live line.

8. Drugs / Fluids

Allow all quick buttons to show without needing to use scrollbar.

9. Live Line

Fix pop up keypad.  It pops up when you touch the label above the live line text box.

10. Application

Fix issue with not being able to Exit from the license window.

11. Live Line

Make pop up keypad work with mouse click on live line label.

Adjust position of keypad pop up for zoomed screen settings.

Fix pop up keypad to work with limits.

Fix so ERR gets set correctly when outside of limits.

12. Labs

Fix so ERR gets set correctly when outside of limits.

13. Drugs / Fluids

Combine all quick buttons into one group sorted alphabetically.